A recent article by Deloitte suggests a number of strategies that asset management companies need to adopt, if they are to rise above the challenges of current environment. Among those suggested include restructuring product portfolios, streamlining operations, and offering digital-inspired customer experiences — especially since Millennials comprise an increasingly-significant portion of the asset management marketplace.

Deloitte is dead on, in terms of the transformations that the asset management industry needs to embrace. Interestingly, the three changes they suggest are among the many solutions that a merger of blockchain and asset management can provide.

Also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain admittedly brings both pluses and minuses to the table. As with every burgeoning technology, blockchain development solutions offer both new benefits, and a few new challenges of its own that we must overcome. As always, uncertainties and obstacles will resolve themselves, one way or another, and adoption will occur